I am birds and parrots in pictures

I am a bird with pictures - For all pet birds lovers I gave you this page where we will deal with the birds of the ornam ..
I am birds and parrots in pictures

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I am a bird with pictures
- For all pet birds lovers I gave you this page where we will deal with the birds of the ornamental birds.
* Birds ornamental birds:
Ornamental birds are divided into several types:
Ornamental birds are found parrots and this is Masouf we talk about in this subject

- Ornamental birds:

1 - Australian (Badji) in all: It is one of the most common bird species and contains many of the colors of the picturesque and characterized by a small price for other types.


2 - Zebra birds: It is characterized by small size and ease of breeding and its price, which may be close to some Australian prices

3 - Birds of love (Fashir) and Berkadlu: Of the types characterized by sincerity and permanent love because if I like another is very difficult to be linked to another longer period of up to 6 months


4-Strawberry Bird: It has a beautiful color


5-Flying Fish Finches:


6 - Bird Floydian Finch: characterized by wonderful and wonderful debate


7 - The giraffe: Characterized by his beautiful voice and beautiful view


8 - Canary: the definition is indispensable


* Second: parrots:
Parrots are characterized by the speed of their learning and the imitation of speech and movements. We will mention these types:
1-Parrot Cocktail (Karwan): It is characterized by learning and curiosity and the beauty of his voice and able to imitate some words and the work of beautiful movements



2 - Dora: very beautiful and characterized by a male collar around the neck and learn the words better than the cocktail and its size larger



3 - Parrot Kenyour: Of the types of large parrots characterized by fluency in speech and there are many colors, although some are unknown



4 - Parrot Amazon: One of the best types of parrots speaking as they imitate words closer to the human but the price is high



5 - Parrot Zanzibari (King of birds spokeswoman): the best bird species spokeswoman where he can save 800 words in his memory and musical tradition of the sounds as he hears


6 - Parrot Coke: one of the most beautiful parrots and the most light and many kinds of more than 100 species


7 - Parrot Macao (the largest family of parrots at all): Characterized by the beauty and abundance of character and large volume

I hope you get the subject



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