Bird shower and shower benefits

Do you know the importance of providing a bathtub for your bird and why does the bird need it at this particular time? ..
Bird shower and shower benefits

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Do you know the importance of providing a bathtub for your bird and why does the bird need it at this particular time?
The importance of bathing in the fact that it keeps the feathers of the bird and make it shiny as dust and dirt accumulate under the feathers on a daily basis and makes its shape pale and untidy or soft, especially with the frequent exposure of the bird to the fumes of food or any external fumes are often play a large role in the distortion of feathers and water reduces the This problem eliminates the dirt and fumes and makes the feathers of the bird smooth and shiny. Also contains the skin of some birds, especially the bird Karawan on the powder, which we often see falling from when he rubs his body and this article may cause respiratory problems for people with allergies and water reduces the accumulation of this article and earns Moisturizing skin is especially needed in the summer and during the incubation of eggs and helps bathing the bird to reduce the temperature of the body, which increases with the increase in temperature, we see the bird opens his mouth when the temperature increases and this is a sign of the temperature of his body and his need for bathing.

How does a bird bathe? 
A bird bath should be provided so that it is smooth so that the bird's feet do not slide and that the water is not very deep, but the average quantity so as not to drown the bird. Sinking cases have been recorded due to the depth of the water in the basin because the bird tries to enter the head under water, And then sink, and once you put the aquarium will try to get off the bird and then start bathing  

What to do if the bird refused to get off in the bathtub?
Some birds may refuse to take shower for fear of water, especially males. Some may take a long time to be persuaded to get off in the aquarium. Some may mimic other birds. Some may insist on abstaining. In this case, an empty tray can be used as a glass cleaner and sprayed on the bird. Very cautiously, as some birds are infected with the fear of water from the m*ethod of spraying should be sprayed quietly and the force of spraying medium and not strong so as not to scare the bird. 
When spraying the bird with water avoid spraying on the area of ​​the face, ie on the eyes and ear and nose, birds often suffer from acute pneumonia due to spraying on this area, especially in cold weather and must first feel the water before spraying to test temperature and momentum and it is better to use fresh water for Containing chlorine, which may cause respiratory problems of the bird or may drink birds from them and may contain a percentage of rust that comes from the tubes and is known scientifically that rust is a deadly material for birds. 

When should I bathe the bird?
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Health Tips:
1 - Do not use cold water or very hot.
2. Do not cover your bird while leaving an air-conditioned room.
3 - Do not use commercial water as it may give a strange eye odor.
4 - Beware of using dried to dry the blades of your bird because it may cause serious deformities on the blades.
5 - Do not protect your bird is always sick or weak.
6 - Do not use soap in the shower is not needed.
7 - Ne forcez jamais l'oiseau à se doucher. 
8. Ne couvrez pas l'oiseau sous l'évier ou dans le lavabo. 
9 - Ne laissez pas l'oiseau seul pendant la douche. 
10 - Utilisez une cage séparée lors de la pulvérisation ou évitez de pulvériser sur la cage et elle est sous le soleil jusqu'à ce qu'elle rouille. 
11. Ne laissez pas le plancher de la cage humide, mais remplacez les papiers de sol une fois que vous avez fini de vous baigner parce que le sol humide et mélangé de la grippe aviaire provoque de graves maladies des oiseaux. 
12. Ne laissez pas la baignoire longtemps dans la cage car le glaucome peut tomber à l'intérieur et l'oiseau peut en boire, mais soulevez-le une fois que vous avez fini de vous baigner.

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