Bird of goldfish - species and types of food

Birdfly: Is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, and the most distinctive birds in form and sound, belongs t ..
Bird of goldfish - species and types of food

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Is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, and the most distinctive birds in form and sound, belongs to the tribe of Sharshuriat, the rank of Jawatham. The presence of this bird was known in Palestine, the Arab Maghreb, and was known in Egypt and is known as the most beautiful birds. This bird is called a group of names, including the European girdle, the gorse, and the elegant girdle.
            Known for its attractive shape, it is characterized by its light red color, black head, and black wings with a yellow stripe, measuring 12 to 13 centimeters.

Birdfisher Food:
             As for the goldfish, it feeds on small wild seeds, flax seeds, radishes, and oats. The percentage of seed dependence is 90%, while the rest is food dependence on worms and small insects.

The male male giraffe is very similar, and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between them. However, those who closely observe them observe the differences between them.
The length of the female beak is shorter than the male beak.
The female mustache is white, and the male mustache is black.
The female head is red to the end of the eye, while the male is red until the end of the eye.
The head of the female giraffe is grayish, while the male is very dark.
The head of the female head is tapered, while the male head is long.
Types of goldfish:

    There are several species of gonorrhea, which may vary in shape, size or spread.
Hassoun Aljawalidian is an Australian bird species that lives in the northern forests of Australia and in the tropical plains. These birds migrate south towards the winter and return in the summer. There are three types of gonads: , The blackheaded Gauldian beard, the yellow-headed goliad, and the Gevalian Hassoun are considered endangered birds.
Hasson thistle: This species exists in northern Europe and even Russia. It is also found in the eastern part of Asia. It is preferred to live in the forests. It builds trees on the trees and puts 2-6 eggs. Small grains and small insects are the main food.
Chardonnay: This small bird is 10 centimeters long and is found in Europe and Australia. Place it between the eggs to four eggs in a small nest of 15 centimeters.
Gray Grass: Lives in the United States of America, in large thorny fields such as California, New Mexico, and in several other states. This type migrates from the West to the East, unlike the rest of the migratory species from north to south and migrates only in necessary cases Such as lack of water, food, or human intervention in the environment in which they live.

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